The Alchemist of Math: Mechanical Engineer From Pune Has His Own Ways of Making Math Simpler

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Prof Kedar Vithal Deo’s Journey from 3 Students to Unbounded Recognition

Pune (Maharashtra), [India], May 7, 2024: An alchemist is an ancient term for technical people who converted ordinary metals into highly refined ones using specific processes. Nowadays, this term is also used for a person who simplifies complex issues into pure, simple solutions (much like the refined metal mentioned above). Prof Kedar Vithal Deo from Pune is certainly turning out to be an alchemist for all his students as far as math is concerned! He has had a rather interesting career graph and an eventful one, too. After getting his degree in mechanical engineering in 1986, Prof Deo got a job at a reputed multinational company. He was a manager in that company till 1995.

As a child in his school years, Prof Deo often helped his junior friends in maths. Teaching was in his system, so to speak.

Due to his inborn love of teaching, he quit his job and did so. He thought it better to create people than mechanical engineering tools. This is how Deo’s classes were formed in 1995. Prof Deo started with only three students but taught them with passion and zeal.

Word of mouth spread, and three students became thirty in the very next year. Sir Deo has a natural flair for teaching math. Many of his students will vouch for this.

Aryan Nalawde, a 10th-std student, has this to say about Prof Deo: “I would like to share my dream success story with you all. Just one year back, when I was in 9th grade, I failed in Maths. I secured only 3/40. I handed myself over to Deo’s classes for my 10th grade, hoping for a miracle to happen. I was amazed to learn the unique method of Deo sir’s teaching.”

“He doesn’t Judge students by their past marks,” Nalawde added. All doubts are patiently answered by considering each micro point. Six months into 10th grade, I secured 37/40 in geometry and  35/40 in Algebra. Today, I have become super confident in math and have started to like the subject. Thanks to Karodi, Sir, my Science board papers were also very good.”

Another ex-student, Ankita Gupta, who is now settled in the USA, says, “This is Ankita Gupta from the USA. First of all, Hearty Congratulations to Deo’s classes for getting lifetime recognition! We all knew this was long overdue and bound to happen sooner or later.  Speaking for myself, I was in Deo’s class for 11th & 12th std in 2005-2006.”

Gupta added, “In 10th std, I had maths phobia. Needless to say, it went away after I attended a few lectures by Deo sir. I am also grateful to the late Patankar Sir, who taught us Physics and Chemistry. I secured excellent marks in 12th std, and after graduating from PICT, I got job opportunities abroad.”

Gupta concluded, “Want a brick to learn maths? Just bring it to Deo sir’s lecture and place it on the first bench!!”

As is evident from Aryan’s testimonial, Deo sir breaks each complex problem into four simple steps and emphasises every minor point.

Students are told to memorise these key points, based on which the entire solution becomes simple. For geometry, Prof Deo uses as many diagrams as possible. According to him, drawing a diagram means half the problem is solved. He also believes that picturing a problem is very important. 

Due to these unique methods developed by Professor Deo, many students have overcome their phobia of math and have become confident in that subject.

From 1996 onwards, other professors who were distinguished in their own subjects joined Deo’s classes.  When asked about his views on teaching maths, Prof Deo says, “Do not judge any student by their marks. Have patience for hearing their doubts. If you don’t have patience, you cannot become a good teacher.”

Recently, Global Awards presented Prof Kedar Deo as one of the leading teachers in Pune.

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