SriiKaushal is a very well known theater artist
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SriiKaushal is a very well known theater artist and he has been a part of many good projects and has also done many good theatres, but because of the covid, no big project of his has come for the last two years, In such a situation, SriiKaushal has been transforming himself for many times and is being told, according to sources, a new project is being prepared and how will the new project be, not much information has been received about it yet, but according to the sources, there is a web series from his home production, for which he is preparing very well and it is possible that through this web series his debut will be in the cinema, Apart from all this, a couple of times SriiKaushal has also indicated on his social media that he is preparing very well for his upcoming project.

There is a possibility that SriiKaushal is also learning a little bit of Telugu language so it may be that he will try himself in the Telugu industry, maybe he might depute there, so all these are some possibilities, so we can put it, along with waiting, we can all see what happens in the coming time, stay with us for more such news.

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