Rudraksh Immigration Elucidates The Benefits Of A Canadian PR

Rudraksh Immigration Elucidates The Benefits Of A Canadian PR
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Migrating to Canada is on the bucket list for a whole bunch of people. Canada has become a top destination for thousands of Indians to migrate to. The country offers a great standard of living, world-class education and attractive career prospects. The native population is welcoming, the government’s immigration policies are quite lenient and the Indian community living there is quite massive. This article deals with Rudraksh Group explaining the benefits of a Canadian PR.

Universal Health Care

The Healthcare aspect becomes one of the most crucial factors when deciding which country to migrate to. Some countries have very expensive healthcare which makes it difficult for immigrants. However, Canada offers its citizens and PR holders access to free universal healthcare including a lot of medication and other facilities. 

Free Education

For the children of its citizens and PR holders, Canada offers free education up to the age of 18 years. This is a major criterion for a whole lot of immigrants who are worried about the future of their children. Not only that, the tuition fees in the universities and colleges for the children of PR holders are significantly less compared to other international students. 

Right To Work and Settle Anywhere

Once you are a PR holder in Canada, you are free to move from one province to another and settle according to your wish. Additionally, as a Canadian citizen or PR holder, you get a lot of travel relaxation internationally as well. This is something people on a normal work visa don’t get to experience. 

Sponsor Family Members

The regulations around bringing your family members to Canada are quite simple and straightforward as well. Satisfying a few basic requirements related to finances, you are free to bring your family members to Canada as well. You need to prove that they are dependent on you and you have the financial means and capabilities to take care of their living expenses. The provision of having your family with you is an important factor for a lot of people. 

Canadian Citizenship

If you work for 3 years in the last 5 years as a PR in Canada, you are eligible to apply for citizenship. Once you are a citizen, you get a plethora of social and other benefits. This is where your international travel relaxations become active. 

There are tons of benefits to getting a Canadian PR making it a popular destination for the interested migrants. Great living standards, useful international cultural exchange, welcoming local population, tremendous career prospects, access to quality universal healthcare, perks of social benefits and relaxations in the international travel are some of the key reasons why you should definitely consider migrating to Canada. 

Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali has been operating in the overseas migration sector for over 28 years now. They have experienced staff who are well-versed with the entire immigration process for almost all the popular countries in the world.

They have already processed thousands of visas including study visas, tourist visas and work visas. Hiring the services of such a professional organisation could be a great way for you to get the stress off your shoulders. You can rely on them for documentation and entire processes. Contact Rudraksh Group to discuss about your case today.

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