Here is 2022’s new video sharing Platform for watching, uploading & sharing videos

Here is 2022’s new video sharing Platform for watching uploading & sharing videos
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You must be thinking that what are the exciting things emerging in 2022 on the web. By now, we’ve all heard about Social media & video sharing platform revolutionising the metaverse. Today, we will be talking about such platform called ‘Avple’. Avple is a video sharing platform that allows users watching videos, uploading as well as sharing your own created videos on the platform. This platform can also help you to make a money through uploading self created unique videos. The website gives you monetary compensation for uploading videos if they are viewed by a large number of viewers.

Avple is one of the most popular video streaming websites at present time, it is not available in every country. The reason could be the government regulations of websites in different countries. But if you want to enjoy the videos on Avple, then you have definitely landed at the right place. In this news, we will tell you all about this platform and also guide you about how can you use this site in your country.

Features of the platform

There are many reasons why Avple platform is considered better than other social media video sharing platforms by users. Let’s have a look at some of those:

  1. It allows users to freely share their creative video materials on either their public or private accounts.
  2. Users may also make money by catering to a huge audience and having advertisements appear on their videos by uploading.
  3. Users can look for work. If you have the ability, publish your work to Avple site as soon as possible to be considered for lucrative positions in your field. many people have been successful in obtaining their chosen employment in a very short period of time.
  4. It offers a function that allows you to download videos that are already embedded, and all you have to do is paste the video’s link into the VideoDownhub app. You can easily download any kind of video in the desired quality without facing many server or bot issues.

Avple’s own video downloader: VideoDownhub

One of the most unique features of this website is that it allows you to download videos of any kind through its in-built feature called VideoDownhub. It helps you download any video that you want, in the best quality available. Isn’t it amazing?

Follow these steps to download your favorite videos onto your phone’s memory and enjoy them even without the internet.

  1. Copy and paste the URL from the address bar as the first step. Then copy and paste the URL into the VideoDownhub website and select the download option.
  2. After pasting the video URL, Avple’s technology will analyze it briefly before providing it to you in one of many ways. Select the right resolution from the drop-down options (480p, 720p, or 1080p).
  3. Once you’ve selected the appropriate option, the download will begin. The size of your file and the format you choose are the two most important factors in determining how long it takes to download in total.
  4. You will be able to exit after the Avple video has been downloaded. Because some of the videos are password-protected and encrypted, you may be certain that None of them can be downloaded at any moment. You’ll either need to install download software on your PC or MAC, or you’ll have to pay for a premium edition of the software in these cases.

Advantages of Avple

  • It allows you to download movies and videos free of charge, which is quite a thing as compared to other social media platforms.
  • If you just want to surf videos, then you don’t need to make an account on the website. You can just enter as a guest and all the content will be accessible to you.
  • It has helped many creative users to earn money by showcasing their talent on the platform, so if you think you have something special, then it could be a good platform for you.
  • Its mobile app is very user-friendly and even non-geeky people can use it without facing any issues.

Disadvantages of Avple

  • The website is not available in many countries, limiting users worldwide to using this platform.
  • The app includes ads, so if you are not a pro user, you may face multiple ads.
  • It requires a high-speed internet connection to browse videos, so you may face issues if not have one.


Consumers may make use of this platform in a variety of ways. Avple is also attempting to reach every demographic category. As a result, a large number of children and older people are gravitating toward this platform.

Overall, this platform has the potential to become the next Instagram for the next generation, if not even bigger and better. As a result, we would strongly advise our followers to download this software.

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