Meeth Miri : Journey of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Malayali Jacksparrow and Angelica

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You need a 72 X 52 ft IMAX to become a sensation, well, that’s an understatement. This unorthodox young couple proves that a 6-inch screen, a good camera and versatile content are enough to change your life. Meeth Miri, is how the public love to call them. Mithun aka Meeth and Rithusha aka Miri got married on November 24th 2018 and decided to use the social media to add some content for fun, but little did they knew, soon they would become the viral sensation couple.

The couple gained their popularity through a tattoo showcasing, wherein they both inked their right hands hashtag couple goals. And guess what, with over 30 M views and still counting, this is now trending through Kerala and more couples are following the same. They are building their fandom through tik tok, posting new funny and interesting videos almost daily. I have personally seen all their clips and they are amazing. The Meeth Miri couple made their debut in a reality show Mr & Mrs in Zee Keralam, winning the title of “Most Popular Couple Selected by the Public”. They got direct entry to this show without any audition, what a great achievement. That’s not all, they have been covered by Mazhavil Manorama TV portal and many other social media platforms. Their Kannur slang videos were loved by people, accepted most among Malayalis.

They have now showcased in many promotional advertisements for big brands like Oyo room , Alfa ayurvedha and have promoted many fashion brands and jewellers. Miri has elaborated with Josh application. They have become a wave of sensation in Mojo with 2.8 Million followers application. When asked about their success and popularity – “Success doesn’t come overnight. We try to put our sweat and soul to write new content that is enjoyable and interesting so that people appreciate us. We have been through very bad days and controversies, but still each day we support each other and continue to do what we are good at” they said. You heard it right “Controversy” a term that no one wishes to associate themselves with. Meeth_Miri ‘s controversial photo shoot at Dharmadam beach, paved way to many critics. A romantic bond is what the couple intended to show through their beautiful photos was backlashed by many people. Comments and headliners depicting them as a scar on the heritage and culture. On the contrary, the victims turned out to be liked more when they released behind the scene videos and photos that evidently changed the mind perspective of everyone.

After all, Controversy is part of the nature of Art and Creativity – Yoko Ono. Despite the back lash, the couple strive to excel in making place in heart of their fans and still continue doing many marital photo shoots, the famous “Dushyanthan & Shakunthala” Also they have earned big name for doing the most viral shoot of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN which was something new for Kerala audience. The shoot was made CHAL beach KANNUR . Photoshoot was done by Sijo SD PHOTOGRAPHY and make up and Desins Elakhshi Desiner Shyma. Meeth (Mithun) has a background in Business Development as a Manager for a luxury brand and his wife Rithusha, a software engineer in a good company.

In pursuit of fulfilling their passion and dream in acting, Mithun has resigned his job and is now completely focused on content writing, script creation on Facebook, insta, you tube. They are earning good lumbs being influencers through social media platforms, promotions and advertisements and want to continue with this stream. They have enacted in many Tamil and colourful songs. After lots of criticism after their marriage they emerged out to be famous figures in Mojo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Wife Miri has collaborated with Josh app along with that, she is carrying on with her software engineering job. Though their couple photoshoot in Dharmadam beach went through many controversies, still they made it through as influencers. They have their own insta account @meeth-miri.

@rithusha_meeth Tamil movies are offered to them. Both are passionate for their acting carrier and want to establish their own business of garments and salon and are awaiting good opportunities to entertain public with their skills. Tolly wood has already found these gems, but they have many milestones to cover.

Best wishes for their success and endeavours.

In the meantime, as the song goes… “haters gonna hate…just shake it off”

Follow their Instagram account : @meeth-miri

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