Anannt Oorja implemented Meditation in Nepal’s schools and old age homes to improve mental and physical health

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New Delhi: Meditation has been introduced in Nepalese schools and an old age home by Anannt Oorja, an organization formed by Aayush Gupta and Aarvika Gupta to promote better mental and physical health. Anannt Oorja wants to use meditation to help individuals focus on both the inner and outside worlds, attract goodness, and grow spiritually.

The World’s Youngest Reiki Healer, Numerologist, and Tarot Card Reader, Ayush, realized the value of meditation and pushed for its adoption in senior living facilities and educational institutions. With the assistance of Iccha Maharjan and Bishow Maharjan, active citizens of Nepal.

In order to enhance the wellbeing of both students and inhabitants, Nepal’s “Rarahil Memorial School, Kirtipur” and an old age home have already begun using meditation. Aayush Gupta conducted the first session.

Anannt Oorja implemented Meditation in Nepal's schools and old age homes to improve mental and physical health

Ayush claims that meditation may transform and improve life. Chakras can be aligned, mental ability, skill, and positive and spiritual thought processes can all be enhanced. Stress, anxiety, and depression can all be managed with meditation, which can be a very important component of daily living.

Anannt Oorja believes that implementing meditation in schools will transform and enrich future generations. Kids will have a more positive thought process, which will also improve their vision. It’s essential to assist people in acquiring critical life skills like concentration and mental clarity. They can enjoy happier and more prosperous lives if they do this.

According to Ayush Gupta, “Our goal is to help people in using meditation to enhance their physical and mental well-being. Like with other everyday activities, meditation should be a part of our routine since it is a necessity for living. Your mental well-being and general health can both be improved by the sense of quiet, serenity, and balance that meditation can provide you. By bringing your attention back to the source of all peace, you may also utilize it to unwind and manage stress. You will learn to maintain your focus and inner serenity by practicing meditation.

Anannt Oorja implemented Meditation in Nepal's schools and old age homes to improve mental and physical health

Anannt Oorja is committed to educating meditation in schools throughout India and other nations, such as Nepal and Dubai, to enable young people understand the value of meditation in their life. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that everybody is practicing meditation since it is of the opinion that it can enhance people’s overall quality of lives.

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