Actor Abhimanyu Sharma & Veena Rajput’s “Saah Chhad Du” Song Out Now | Directed by Rikham Soni

Actor Abhimanyu Sharma & Veena Rajput’s "Saah Chhad Du" Song Out Now | Directed by Rikham Soni
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Abhimanyu Sharma & Veena Rajput have teamed up for a new Hindi romantic track titled “Saah Chhad Du”. The collaboration is a fresh take on the pop genre with a blend of soulful melodies and upbeat rhythms. The song is directed by Rikham Soni and features Abhimanyu Sharma and Veena Rajput.

“Saah Chhad Du” is a catchy and romantic track that showcases the talents of both artists.

In a recent interview, Abhimanyu said, “We wanted to create a song that would make people feel good and uplift their spirits. ‘Saah Chhad Du’ is a celebration of the beauty of the eyes and how they can captivate us. We hope that listeners will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

Director Rikham Soni’s talent is evident in the song’s upbeat tempo and catchy hooks. The song is a perfect fit for young audiences who enjoy listening to Hindi romantic music. “Saah Chhad Du” is set to be a hit, with its catchy chorus and lively beat sure to get people dancing and singing along. Abhimanyu’s next upcoming song – Beintiha, O Bewafa, Mera Gharrala & Chan Chan Bole Payal to be released soon.

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