Vishal Bhardwaj came forward to support non-fiction crime author, S. Hussain Zaidi’s next book R.A.W Hitman

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These days the real story of RAW Hitman which is about Agent Lima (aka Lucky Bisht) is making headlines. We are talking about the book named as R.A.W Hitman which is being published by globally acclaimed American publication ‘Simon and Schuster’. R.A.W Hitman is their second publication in India after their first ever book called Sachin@50 which was on Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Yesterday Bollywood veteran Producer and Director Vishal Bhardwaj Tweeted a picture with his friend and India’s No 1 Crime Author S. Hussain Zaidi about his upcoming book R.A.W Hitman for which he quoted ‘What a pleasure it was to meet @Shussainzaidi. So excited to read my friend’s new book!’

The Book, R.A.W Hitman which is on the life of Indian R&W agent Laxman Singh Bisht (Lucky Bisht) aka Agent Lima is expected to be published globally on 4th of July 2023.

A user quoted the Tweet stating ‘Some brilliant books from him; very informative and hardhitting.’ Which shows the excitement among the readers of the book who are eagerly waiting for it to be published as for the first time in India the real story of an agent a hardcore non-fictional story is being published in detail.

The connection between Agent Lima and Lucky Bisht, whether they are the same or not, along with the element that makes Agent Lima a National Hero according to the book, were the questions that were raised following the announcement of the book R.A.W. Hitman.

If Agent Lima is a National Hero and Lucky Bisht is innocent, then why did he spend 5 years in 11 different Indian prisons, according to the book? This is one of the first cases of its kind in India where a person was transferred into 11 different prisons.

Hussain Zaidi’s book, which he wrote after conducting extensive study, contains all the answers, and it has been double-checked by Neeraj Kumar, a former Delhi Police Chief.

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