#Unstoppable21 celebrates India with 21 Young Stars: Minister of Education, Government of India, Cheers On!

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New Delhi: #Unstoppable21 an initiative of The Times of A Better India proudly moved the spotlight on 21 incredible young achievers, all under 21, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi today. Chief Guest, Honourable Minister of Education, Dharmendra Pradhan, felicitated these bright stars with praise for their contributions in the fields of humanities, science, sports, fine arts, performing arts, social activism, and entrepreneurship.

#Unstoppable21 is more than just a celebration; it’s an ode to India’s youth, their boundless potential, and the institutions that nurture their dreams. These 21 youngsters, each handpicked by a stellar jury, are a testament to the power of youthful dreams, and their success stories can inspire millions of others to aim high and make their mark on the world. The 21 are not just representing different walks of life, but 21 amazing youngsters who are making India proud.

From a 9-year-old prodigy to the highest-ranked Indian in the World Amateur Golf Rankings, and even the youngest-ever world champion in the World Archery Championship, this eclectic mix of talent knows no bounds.

The jury that chose the #Unstoppable21 squad featured renowned names like Chetan Bhagat, Shaheen Mistri, Viswanathan Anand, Nandan Nilekani, Sangita Jindal, Sudha Ragunathan, Ankur Tewari, Govind Rangarajan, and Rohan Verma. The likes of Govinda Rangarjan, Director of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore, Sudha Ragunathan, a leading Carnatic music artist, and Rohan Verma, the CEO of MapMyIndia, graced the event.

India’s youthful energy, with a staggering 512 million under the age of 21, is a force to be reckoned with. #Unstoppable21 embodies their unwavering spirit, ready to tackle any challenge, whether on home turf or on the global stage.

The #Unstoppable21 event also saw the Minister releasing a brand-new anthem, “Hum Ho Rahe Kamyaab,” a fresh, new rendition of ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab’. This empowering and inspiring new anthem is a fantastic, hummable music piece composed by the talented Shantanu Moitra and brought to life by a team of musicians and artists, all under the age of 21. This anthem, is a musical masterpiece that captures the dreams and aspirations of a new generation, celebrating their incredible achievements. India’s journey from being the 13th largest economy to the fifth and the promise of becoming the third largest in the next four years is a testament to the unstoppable spirit of its people.

Note to the Editor

Honourable Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Education of India “I begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to The Times of India for their invaluable contribution in showcasing the remarkable talents of these 21 exceptional young minds. Today, we celebrate these 21st-century prodigies and commend their collaboration with The Times of India in making this event possible.

In the days of the Magadha Empire, just as, a young child, Chandragupta Maurya, found an unexpected mentor, these prodigies have found their guiding light in The Times of India. Much like in the past, where the institution of priesthood represented wisdom and guidance, these exceptional prodigies are now pursuing knowledge diligently with the support of The Times of India.

As the venerable Chanakya played a pivotal role in shaping Chandragupta Maurya’s destiny, institutions like The Times of India play a crucial role in guiding and nurturing the future of our nation. These young prodigies, like Chandragupta Maurya, possess exceptional potential, determination, and the aspiration to make a lasting impact on the world. Their journey stands as a testament to our nation’s strength, and the mentorship provided by institutions like The Times of India paves the way for a brighter and more prosperous India.

India today is a knowledge-based society, and we are sowing the seeds for more young talents, much like these “unstoppable 21” we honour. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to The Times of India once again and urge everyone to consider these 21 achievers and their accomplishments as a wellspring of inspiration. Let us work collectively to maintain and enhance the momentum of India’s progress, further elevating its significance on the global stage. “

Shantanu Moitra, Indian composer and musician “The concept of Unstoppable21 by The Times of India is simply mind-boggling.

What truly astounds me is the unwavering confidence of these young talents. Their level of self-assuredness is profoundly inspiring and is quite a departure from my own experiences at their age. I’ve been learning so much from them. These prodigies are from our own nation, the future of our country, and they are nothing short of incredible.

Talent is undoubtedly abundant, but the spotlight you’ve cast on these young achievers has bestowed upon them a sense of significance that is truly praiseworthy.”

The #Unstoppable21 are from the states of Telangana, Chennai, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. Following is a list of the 21 achievers:

  1. Appalla Saikiran – Founder-CEO of SCOPE, revolutionizing fundraising for startups.
  2. Avani Prashanth – Highest-ranked Indian in the World Amateur Golf Rankings and the first from India to win the Queen Sirikit Cup.
  3. Ayaan Deshpande – Prodigious young musician.
  4. Karnav Rastogi – Young author advocating for climate change awareness through his books.
  5. Namya Joshi. – Advocate for #GirlsInSTEM, empowering girls in male-dominated fields.
  6. Nihal Raj – Culinary sensation who began his journey at the age of four.
  7. R Praggnanandhaa – Star of Indian chess.
  8. Tulasi Hegde – Traditional Yakshagana dance-drama performer.
  9. Parth Salunkhe – First Indian to win gold in the recurve category of the 2023 Youth World Championships in men’s archery.
  10. Shafali Verma – Enforcer of women’s cricket. Her batting blends the abandon of Sehwag with the intimidating six-hitting skills of Gayle.
  11. Gukesh D – 17-year-old grandmaster at the forefront of India’s chess scene.
  12. Abhijita Gupta – Bestselling author with aspirations of becoming a doctor and horror writer.
  13. Sharanya Mudundi – Multi-talented individual excelling in singing, English Olympiads, marathons, and karate.
  14. Mehul Borad – Inventor of a versatile terrain-traversing car.
  15. Lydian Nadhaswaram – A child prodigy who started playing Chopin, Mozart by ear at the age of eight.
  16. Aditi Swami – Youngest-ever world champion in archery.
  17. Hemesh Chadalavada – Prolific inventor with a focus on electronics and robotics.
  18. Haaziq Kazi – Creator of a prototype ship to clean oceans of plastic waste.
  19. Kaivalya Vohra – Co-founder of the only Indian startup to achieve unicorn status this year.
  20. Aarrav Anil – Representing India in over 20 international robotics competitions.
  21. Advait Kolarkar – Artistic prodigy whose works convey the essence of the universe and oceans through abstract gestures.

#Unstoppable21, as India marks its 76th year of independence, stands as a testament to the influential spirit of the nation’s youth. This initiative has identified 21 young people, aged 21 or younger, who embody the unstoppable spirit of India, spanning seven streams: Humanities, Science, Sports, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Social Impact, and Entrepreneurship.

About #Unstoppable21

As India completes 76 years of Independence, the nation is proudly seeing its influence spread across the world. And at the vanguard of this are the youth. The Times of India’s #Unstoppable21 initiative showcases the spirit of India’s youth who are unstoppable in the quest for making their aspirations come true, who making India & the world proud, can overcome any challenge posed to them and who are making a name both for themselves and for India globally, via their efforts. This initiative has identified 21 young people, who are 21 years of age or lesser, and who represent this spirit of an Unstoppable India. They were chosen across seven streams – Humanities, Science, Sports, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Social Impact and Entrepreneurship.

Each of these young achievers, chosen by our distinguished jury, has a powerful story of success to tell, a story that could inspire a million other young people to dream big and make the world their playing field.

To listen to #Unstoppable21anthem and learn more about our campaign, please visit Unstoppable21.

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