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When it comes to immigrating to an overseas country, navigating the complex steps and procedural guidelines can be overwhelming for individuals. That’s where the need for an expert advisor or consultant arises. ImmigCanada, with extensive experience in the immigration industry, has established itself as the go-to Canadian immigration consultant, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free immigration process.

ImmigCanada, led by Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) Ms. Eivy Joy Quito, stands out as the premier immigration consultancy, offering unrivaled expertise and an exceptional success rate in obtaining permanent resident status in Canada.

What Sets ImmigCanada Apart?

With an unmatched success rate in obtaining permanent resident status in Canada, ImmigCanada has cemented its position as the most trusted immigration advisor in Canada. The consultancy ensures applicants that their applications are thoroughly reviewed by registered ICCRC members.

Services Offered by ImmigCanada:

The expert team at ImmigCanada provides a comprehensive range of immigration services, including:

  1. Building and Managing Your EES (Express Entry System) Profile

The team of authorized immigration consultants will start by gathering your profile information and carefully analyzing it to determine the most suitable immigration pathway for you. They will assist you in meeting the requirements of the Express Entry system, as well as the criteria for the three available immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

  1. Optimizing Your Credentials

With the guidance of immigration consultants, you can enhance and optimize your credentials to maximize your chances of success under one or more immigration programs.

  1. Crafting the Optimal Immigration Strategy

Contact their agents to discuss the best immigration strategy tailored to your qualifications and recommendations.

  1. Document Checklist and Assigned Specialist

The seamless document collection process for your application leaves with no room for errors or omissions.

  1. PNP Evaluation and Legal Representation

If you’re looking to apply as a skilled worker, they can guide you by assessing the requirements of the PNPs and help you attain Canadian PR through reliable legal and representation services.

  1. Assisting with EOI (Expression of Interest) Filing for PNP

Receive pre-application assistance for filing your Expression of Interest (EOI), which showcases your interest, eligibility, and qualifications. Once you are satisfied, their team will submit the EOI to the relevant authorities.

  1. IELTS Training and Score Improvement

Acquire valuable techniques and strategies to enhance your IELTS score, making a significant impact on your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) profile.

  1. Government Job Bank Access (Pre-landing)

They will assist you with Job Bank registration, facilitating your job search process in Canada. If you have an Express Entry profile, you may be eligible for premium access to the Job Bank. This exclusive access not only allows you to explore job opportunities but also enables employers to preview your job profile instantly.

  1. Post Landing Services

Their post-landing services become available once you obtain Permanent Resident (PR) status and successfully arrive in Canada. These services include:

  • Access to a team of headhunters and recruiters who will assist you in finding the most suitable job opportunities.
  • Development and execution of a self-marketing plan for you and your spouse.
  • LinkedIn profile development and professional CV/resume writing services for you and your spouse.
  • Online mock video interviewing practice sessions for you and your spouse.
  • Access to multimedia resources that help align your skills with job opportunities in the Canadian job market.
  • Counselor support to address your queries via email or chat.
  1. Comprehensive PR Assistance

Upon approval of the Invitation to Apply (ITA), their team will guide you through the PR application process and provide regular follow-ups until final approval is obtained.

  1. Direct Contact with Authorized Immigration Consultants

Enjoy 24/7 legal assistance from their authorized immigration consultants, ensuring a seamless immigration process. Choosing regulated agents over local consultants with limited visibility is always a secure choice.

ImmigCanada’s Expertise in Canada Immigration:

ImmigCanada excels as the best Canada Immigration Consultant, specializing in various economic immigration programs that facilitate the acquisition of Canadian Permanent Residency. The team at ImmigCanada is led by a seasoned RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). With their expertise and dedication, they ensure that clients receive the highest level of guidance and support throughout the entire immigration process.

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