Ukrainian team create the platform iBench like an Upwork but for Indian IT agencies

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New Delhi [India]: In these modern times, customers are increasingly trying to find the most optimal solutions, and the progress of globalization allows them to place orders in almost any country in the world. The availability of the Internet and the use of software development standards allow US customers to place orders in India, looking for qualified developers or IT companies. It is at this moment that the price for the end customer rises, due to the chain of intermediaries. If you remove intermediaries from this chain, then IT companies will be able to communicate directly with customers.

We’re proud to present, a platform where IT companies from India can offer their programmers’ services based on the outstaffing model, and provide examples of work so that the customer can order outsourcing services. Customers can communicate directly with company representatives. At the same time, the IT Company can conclude contracts, and discuss all the details of the transaction without intermediaries. In this case, the platform takes a monthly fixed cost.  Even if you are a private developer, you can register on iBench and offer your services to customers. And by inviting your friends or colleagues to the platform, you can get a completely free subscription.

iBench has clients from countries such as the United States of America, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, UK, Australia and now they are ready to be launched in the markets of India, for the Indian IT agencies or companies providing leading as well as fresh businesses with complete IT solutions from a team of remote developers. They work to assist the fundamental business targets like sales exponential growth, cost reduction and customer acquisition with the clients closely to formulate the appropriate IT outsourcing such as website, portals, e-commerce systems, mobile applications etc. 

Moving towards creating a successful business, the key always remains in the way one handles their development strategies and it impacts every department or area within the company such as sales accounting, resources, manufacturing, marketing, finance and vendor management. We are a species that’s very well equipped with the new technological changes around us and a relevant business application aligned with business goals and implemented smoothly can add tremendous value to your organization, saving you time, effort and money while ensuring smooth operations. 

The iBench platform was created by an iBench core team from Ukraine. Denis Eremenko, Founder/CEO iBench has 15 years of experience in IT technologies, business analysis and project management. When developing the iBench platform, he and his team used best practices and ideas gained from many years of experience. The head offices of the company are located in Montenegro and Dallas, USA.

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