The Tech Brand Which is Changing Core of Networking – Digital Business Card by Sailax

The Tech Brand Which is Changing Core of Networking - Digital Business Card by Sailax
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New Delhi: Networking is something which can change the whole course of Start Ups & Entrepreneurs. But it is not easy to create and maintain this Network or it’s database easily these days. In order to ease this process of maintaining the Database for all the start-ups and entrepreneurs, Sailax, an Indian Australian Company, has launched a Tech revolution with the name of Digital Business Card. DBC is one of its kind of solution which provides one-click data management for the ease of keeping a record and maintaining it for life at your fingertip.

“Digital Business Card is for everyone who believes in tech as an answer to the daily life challenges, especially in the world of Start-Ups & Business,” said Mr Ajay Sharma, founder Sailax & Digital Business Card.

Digital Business Cards by Sailax have revolutionized the way entrepreneurs do business. It facilitates entrepreneurs to bring their networking game to the next level. DBC also abates the amount of time and money invested in designing, printing, deploying, storing and managing a business card.

DBC has had over 100k downloads of its DBC app since its inception in 2020. Their app is being used by employees of tech giants like Tesla and Microsoft. In August 2021, DBC by Sailax was ranked number 1 for the best digital business card app on the Playstore. With data security being a primary concern in apps developed to utilize it, rest assured, DBC by Sailax is also GDPR regulated. Their contribution to significantly reducing the carbon footprint of today’s climatically threatened world is the most significant achievement of all.

Mr Ajay said, “Technology infused with a conscience to give back to the environment, DBC is committed towards a more reliable & accessible solution which is pocket friendly too”.

Everything on the DBC app is unlimited unlike the others who keep a cap on either the number of fields or amount of data that the card can hold. Our cards have even become a marketing tool for any business. Few of DBC’s customers have been using the product as their own micro-website and landing page for their brand.

The feature of Automated updating keeps all recipients of DBC updated on any changes made to the cards even after the card has been shared – this specific feature cuts down a major chunk of overhead expenses for many corporations.

Marred by the practise of exchanging paper business cards, which is not only inefficient but also obsolete in today’s world, DBC plans on saving millions of trees in near future. It strives to be a one-stop-shop for all things related to business cards and Sailx hopes to establish itself as a global sustainable company with cost-effective solutions.

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