TalentChek: Revolutionizing Employment Tracking and Industry-Institution Collaboration 


Gopinath Sethuraman

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TalentChek (www.talentchek.com) is an innovative and self-driven employment tracking application, as well as an Industry-Institution collaboration platform, conceived by Gopinath Sethuraman, the Founder and Managing Director of TalentChek.

TalentChek effectively addresses a range of challenges faced by employers and institutions, providing solutions to major pain points:

  • Absconding Trainees/Employees: TalentChek helps mitigate the issue of employees abruptly leaving their positions without proper notice or explanation.
  • Eliminating Fake Certificates and Bloated Profiles: The platform ensures the authenticity of certificates and profiles, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent information.
  • Resolving Candidates Backing Out of Offers: TalentChek minimizes instances of candidates accepting job offers but failing to join at the last moment, leaving employers without any information.
  • Streamlining Resume Verification and Cross-Country Checks: The application facilitates seamless verification of roles and responsibilities stated in a resume, even for candidates with experience in multiple countries.
  • Curbing Short Jumps Between Companies: TalentChek discourages employees from making rapid switches between companies without adequate handover or resignation procedures.
  • Avoiding Redundant Employment Verifications: The platform prevents unnecessary repetition of employment verification processes for the same individual.
  • Efficient Background Verification: TalentChek saves valuable time and resources by reducing the likelihood of background verification failures for potential employees.
  • Simplifying Hiring and Onboarding of Different Worker Types: TalentChek eases the complexities associated with hiring and onboarding workers of various categories, including white/blue/grey/yellow workers.

Incorporating TalentChek into the HR process may seem like a small change, but its impact in the workplace is significant. Notably, TalentChek boasts a vibrant Live Alumni network with Single Sign-On integration for School, College, and corporate networks, revolutionizing the way alumni stay connected. Moreover, GRATI, a feature within TalentChek, aids rural candidates in migrating to cities, providing lodging and boarding support without immediate charges. This has proven especially beneficial to women candidates, empowering them to secure desirable jobs independently. The platform also facilitates campus connects and internships through its Job portal.

TalentChek’s additional features, such as CIP (Company-Institution Partnership), Know Your Value, and others, have become indispensable for companies, institutions, and individuals, making participation in TalentChek an imperative choice rather than an option.

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