Swagata Dev’s Inspiring Journey as North East’s Leading Lifestyle Creator

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Guwahati (Assam): Social media is a relatively new avenue for people to engage themselves. We’re all aware of multiple internet personalities who have made a fortune through business and finding a particular niche for themselves.

It’s not all easy though.. You have to venture forth into the great abysses of social media and business, with nothing but your determination and vague ideas in your head. Sure, you’re liable to fall multiple times.

With lots of hard work, a substantial amount of talent, a decent head for business, and a smattering of luck, you can become a pioneer for people to take inspiration from. This is exactly what Guwahati-based entrepreneur and fashion blogger, Swagata Dev, has managed to accomplish.

Swagata Dev started freelancing as a fashion blogger in 2016, during her college years. During that time, she struggled to gain a foothold in the world of social media influencing. Resources were scarce, and the Indian scenario for fashion blogging and entrepreneurship through social media was still young. Swagata Dev says, “My friend and partner, Rahul Hazarika, introduced me to the different possibilities of fashion blogging through platforms such as Instagram.”

Little by little, Swagata learned the ropes of the business. The fact that she hails from the North Eastern side of the country was quite bittersweet for her – “Very few people knew about the type of work I was getting into. Initial days went by me explaining what I do”, said Swagata Dev, reflecting on her beginnings. However, she also had the chance to become a pioneer in her field; especially in North-East India. And this is exactly what she did!

Swagata Dev's Inspiring Journey as North East's Leading Lifestyle Creator

As she entered the year 2020, after almost four years in the fashion and beauty blogging industry, her hard work and determination paid off. Swagata Dev has amassed lakhs of followers on Instagram, with some very ardent fans as well!. To add icing to the cake, she has worked with brands in different industries from fashion to lifestyle to travel, such as Amazon, ITC, L’Oreal, Forever New, Mango, Marks & Spencer, Samsung, Nokair, and many more. Not so long back, started out with Travel content, Swagata Dev has also worked with various hotels & resorts. However, little did she know that there was much more to come for the young content creator.

Filmfare Awards 2020 had a special surprise for Swagata Dev : the 24-year-old was invited to the event as an official blogger for Amazon. In fact, she was the only content creator from North-East India to have been in the red carpet of Filmfare! “It felt absolutely amazing, really! I worked hard in my field, but to be invited to such an event, best that Bollywood had to offer, it was a special feeling altogether!” said an ecstatic Swagata.

It’s now into the year 2021, and Swagata Dev is working from her home. “My camera, setup and I are the best partners, lockdown has taught me to self shoot as well. I only step out when I need to visit client stores, source or get some outdoor content done”, she says. The content creator hopes to continue learning, improving and bringing new aspects to her job, and possibly inspire a few others to bring their own talents into the field. Swagata Dev is a worthy inspiration to many aspiring creators in the North-East; someone that has the potential to tap into much bigger markets and work her way to the top of Lifestyle blogging.

You can check out Swagata Dev’s Instagram here at: https://www.instagram.com/swagata_dev/?hl=en

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