Nashik is proud to have its alternate medicine practitioner- Sangitaa R Shetye

Nashik is proud to have its alternate medicine practitioner- Sangitaa R Shetye

Sangitaa R Shetye

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Nashik, Maharashtra [India]: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams”, who could justify this more than Sangitaa Shetye herself.

Nasik is proud to have Sangitaa Shetye, whose healing modalities for over two decades are an antidote to many of her clientele.

From being a certified Clinical hypnotherapist to a Theta Healing Practioner, a renowned Vastu Expert to a Numerology genius, the body energy analyst to a chakra therapist and recently she has also mastered the art of auto writing.

She offers a combination of such healing techniques to a wide spectrum of people.

Sangitaa’s perseverance and proficiency in learning the art of Reiki and other healing modalities need to be applauded.

For a great human being like her, there is no difference amongst her clients who belong to all walks of life.

They may be those who come walking miles to seek her help, to those across the globe or even renowned personalities from within the country.

Anyone who needs help and is at her doorstep is attended to with a beaming smile. She has not only healed her clients but has also attuned more than 1945 students as she believes that Reiki can change your thought process and make you have a positive approach to all your situations.

She has been practicing Reiki healing for over two decades now and has set a benchmark by winning several prestigious awards across the country and internationally.

To add another feather to her cap, recently she was awarded as “Reiki Training Par Excellence” at the Asean Thai Business Leadership Awards held in Bangkok Thailand, The Wow Lifetime Achievement award for Reiki Healing excellence, and Guinness World Record The R.K excellence national award for Happiness coach.

Sangitaa continues her research on “Relating Emotions & Diseases with Reiki Healing”. Furthermore, she works on “Creating positivity in stress” for which she has been invited to various institutions to deliver lectures and today her works have been a subject of study for many. Various glossy magazines, newspapers, and news channels have interviewed her.

She has been able to reach where she is today purely because of her passion for being a healer. Her hard work and dedication is certainly going to take her a long way in making a major breakthrough in the world of alternative medicine.

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