MedscapeIndia takes initiative to protect doctors through a ‘Health Tribunal Law’

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MedscapeIndia, is an umbrella body of 21 medical associations & councils since 2011.

New Delhi: 18th August 2023: MedscapeIndia, a social organization working since, 19 years is an umbrella body of 21 medical associations & councils since 2011. The notable campaigns of Medscape India include Save the Girl Child started in 2008, HIV Awareness started in 2012, World 1st Doctors anthem in 2014, Preventive Medical Camps, Breast Cancer Awareness,  We Doctors’ Campaign for COVID-19, Doctors’ Legible Handwriting campaign, Anokhee Pahal slum, rural, tribal health empowerment since 2014, Million Smile Women Empowerment projects, completed 9 years of FIT INDIA Movement, Wellness mission 2030 and the Annual MedscapeIndia National awards dedicated to save the girl child campaign since 13 years.

Aiming to support the government initiative, MedscapeIndia has taken an initiative to be the voice of 13.25 lakh doctors from across the nation to support the proposed “The Prevention of Assault on Doctors, Bill 2023”.

“The Prevention of Assault on Doctors, Bill 2023”, is groundbreaking legislation aims to protect medical professionals from verbal and physical attacks, ensuring a safe and secure work environment for those who dedicate their lives to saving others, said, Renowned Radiologist, Dr Sunita Dube, Medscapeindia Chairperson.

Further, she added, for the 1st time in Indian history, the entire medical fraternity has come forward together for their safety appeal to the Government through MedscapeIndia. It’s a grave issue for the nation to address the most elite, vulnerable & important assets of India who have been ignored completely.

MedscapeIndia-AMET has taken serious steps to support their medical fraternity and to eradicate heinous acts towards doctors “The Prevention of Assault on Doctors Bill 2023” targeting the formation of a Health Tribunal was presented at the most prestigious venue of India at Vigyan Bhavan on the eve of doctor’s day & attended by 21 medical specialties, Cabinet ministers, Governor of Sikkim, CM of Goa & doctors from different specialties across country & who expressed their support.

The Bill has got the overwhelming support of an astounding more than 13.25 lakh doctors within a week from various specialties, including Radiologist, Cardiologist, Psychiatrist, Dental, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Pathologist, Ophthalmologist, Surgeons, Neurologist, Nephrologist, Physicians,

Gynecologists, Dermatologist, Orthopedecian, Pediatrician, Oncologist, Physiotherapist, Anesthesiologist, Gastroenterologist, includes a prominent Medical associations like the IRIA, AIOS, IMA, IAP, NIMA, AMWI, NIHMPA, AIAC, AMC, FAMC, IAPS, KEDA, Medical Students & various medical cells across country have supported, Bill has been submitted to health Minister & concerned authorities.

Dr Balchandra Karaiaapa, a prominent surgeon from Tamilnadu expressed his support for the bill, saying, “As doctors, we have dedicated our lives to serving others and saving lives. The rise in physical and verbal attacks against doctors not only poses a threat to our safety but also hampers our ability to deliver quality healthcare. This bill is a crucial step towards institutionalizing protection for doctors and ensuring a safe working environment for the entire medical fraternity.”

The support of more than 13.25 lakh doctors for the Prevention of Doctors Assault Bill underscores the urgent need to address this pressing issue and provide a safer working environment for medical professionals. The release of this statement commemorates a landmark moment in the history of the medical community, as unity and commitment take centre stage in safeguarding the invaluable work of doctors.

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