Know about Leen Al Faqih – The dazzling Palestinian Singer and Activist who has struck a chord with her Audience!

Know about Leen Al Faqih - The dazzling Palestinian Singer and Activist who has struck a chord with her Audience!

Leen Al Faqih

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Music not only lightens the mood but also plays a major role in an individual’s personality. From generation to generation, music has influenced civilizations and societies all across the world. It has the capacity to influence emotion, perception, and transformation. According to a survey; celebrities, singers and music composers have a massive impact on their audience. Not to mention, musicians and artists have a significant impact on the lives of their audience members, particularly young people by giving them the courage and confidence to pursue their aspirations and dreams. Some artists decide to take it a step further and produce their own echo in an effort to stand out. Today, we’ll discuss one such performer who has recently gained popularity among the audience – Leen Al Faqih.

Leen Al Faqih is a multitalented personality. She is not just a talented singer and musician, but also a fierce social activist who wants to utilize music to bring attention to significant social issues and communities. She uses her music and voice to help convey her message and be a voice for others. Leen Al Faqih sings in various languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish and English and has her own team of music producer, band and audio engineer who work as a team producing high quality music projects. Besides, she also collaborates with other well-known musicians too. In the world of music, there are no restrictions. Leen Al Faqih’s work has reached listeners abroad and across national boundaries. She has also captivated the hearts of many people in the area with her outstanding music fusion.This is because she gives classic collections new life, adds her unique touch to existing melodies, or producing songs that are relevant to today’s society.

Leen Al Faqih is an independent Palestinian vocalist singer taking music into professional level and using music for change. Leen has an “Alto” class of vocal timbre which is rarely present in female vocalists. Leen has always been inspired by various singers such as Fairuz, Farid Al Atrash, Zaki Nassif, Marcel Khalifeh, Ahmad Kaabour and Julia Boutros from the east and Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Amy Whinehouse and Beth Harts from the west. Well, she has now made her own style by producing oriental music in a western flair in both vocal techniques and musical arrangements.

Leen Al Faqih has always been passionate in using her talent towards humanity and children. She has done music programs for refugee children in Jordan where the program included helping children express emotions and feelings through music. In addition, it involved music education and knowledge and a safe space for children to sing and express. Leen took this experience into a more professional level where she acquired a Master’s degree in Woman and Child Abuse from London, United Kingdom. Her Masters’ thesis was passionately directed to evaluating and writing about the benefits of music in work with abused children in specific refugee camp settings. She joined the UNHCR civil society in the MENA region, a member of “Voices with Refugees” and one of the most ardent Palestinian activists. In collaboration withUNHCR and UN International, she produced music campaigns that creates awareness about the refugee crisis (war and displacement). She has also performed along refugee children on World Refugee Day at UNHCR, Jordan and participated at the World Refugee Day virtual concert in collaboration with the United Nations’ chamber music orchestra internationally.

The many obstacles that musicians must overcome in order to become successful in the music industry make it challenging to be self-sufficient. Leen Al Faqih never backed down from any obstacles whatsoever and is now working and aiming to establish a name for herself through her music. Due to her unique activities on social media, it has allowed her to enjoy a high level of trust with both notable musicians and audience. Creativity, consistency and practice strikes the right chord with the audience and a key factor to any musician’s success on the long run, Said Leen Al Faqih!

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