Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Trust’s Initiative for an Anemia-Free India goes to Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon

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In a remarkable effort to combat anemia and promote the vision of an anemia-free India, the Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Trust organized an impactful event in Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon. Collaborating with Aarti Salvi, Trustee of the renowned Siddhivinayak Temple, the trust spearheaded this initiative to address the prevalence of anemia among females. The event witnessed the participation of 150 females, highlighting the trust’s commitment to fostering health, empowerment, and social well-being.

The Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Trust has a strong track record of organizing similar initiatives that champion public welfare. With a vision that extends beyond basic necessities like food and education, the trust has consistently demonstrated its dedication to healthcare support, breast screening camps, HPV vaccination drives, and counseling sessions on good health. Their unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment, domestic violence support, financial literacy, and employment opportunities has garnered recognition worldwide.

Under the trust’s leadership, Ms. Nidarshana Gowani, the trustee, voiced the importance of everyone’s right to stay healthy and safe. She emphasized the significance of supporting health of the nation for a better tomorrow.

The anemia testing camp organized by the Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Trust in Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon, aimed to identify and support individuals affected by anemia. Through comprehensive blood tests, 150 females were screened, revealing that 85 of them were anemic. This outcome highlights the significance of such initiatives in detecting and addressing anemia, ensuring timely care and intervention for those in need.

To provide immediate support to the individuals diagnosed with anemia, the trust distributed health kits containing essential items known to increase hemoglobin levels. These kits serve as a tangible resource, empowering individuals to take charge of their health and work towards improving their overall well-being.

The collaboration between the Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Trust and Aarti Salvi, Trustee of the Siddhivinayak Temple, underscores their shared commitment to creating a healthier society. By joining forces, they have effectively raised awareness about anemia, not only within the affected community but also among a wider audience.

As we celebrate the success of this event, let us acknowledge the commendable work of the Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Trust and its trustee, Ms. Nidarshana Gowani. Their tireless efforts in organizing initiatives like the anemia testing camp are truly inspiring, paving the way for an anemia-free India. By prioritizing health, empowerment, and compassion, they continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals in need, one step at a time.

We look forward to witnessing more organizations following in the footsteps of the Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Trust, recognizing the importance of collective action in promoting the health of the nation. Together, we can create a society where no one is left behind in the journey towards a healthier and more inclusive India.

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