How Can Snehashree’s Book “Five Lotuses & The Morass” help us reflect & relax mentally?

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Good mental health has become the need of the day. But it is wise to note that our mental health is largely guided by our perspective and poems are an age-old method to gain a fresh perspective besides helping us unwind. A study in 2021 concluded that poetry programs conducted for inpatient pediatric populations can have a significant therapeutic impact on their wellbeing.

While moving on through life, three processes need torun simultaneously – zeal to understand this world, the need to stay alive, and then merge these two factors to create a life worth living. But most of us are failing to achieve a right understanding and thus are not able to create a life out of it.

For numerous reasons, one of the prominent factors that hinder people from doing so is that they can’t keep in touch with their souls as the world leaps and jumps heights. With these continuous changes that the world is undergoing there is a constant need to keep pace with it. But how can people catch their breath yet keep pace with the world? To counter the speed in a certain direction, it is important to get involved in some activity that drives people to the other end. Only a few activities can help the masses hold on to their souls to realign them with the track they walk daily.

One of these activities that really work is the habit of reading. Reading is a great way to reduce our daily momentum and reading poems is the only way to touch the soul deeper than any. A book is always a faculty that opens doors to a soul through others souls.

In a bid to keep the soul alive, Snehashree Mandal’s book, “Five Lotuses and The Morass” can go a good long way. Her poems can heal the soul and the vignettes in the book can help understand better to gain clarity. Her book can help you better the first process.

As the crowd gains pace and the world fills with their clamor, to be able to listen to one’s inner voice is almost a lost faculty. But reading her poems can typically help you find your way back to where you began- a fresh perspective on life and living.

It is there to help women understand to rise above the ordinaire, now that the world is at an illuminated spot. The book is also there to help youngsters find a path guide they can follow throughout their life.

Her other poetry book, “A Hiatus from the Loaded Past,” is also a modest attempt in the same direction.

With a gold medal for her masters and bachelors in life sciences, she has come a long way flowing in the stream of life with the oars of science and art. After working in the healthcare sector, she chose to give voice to her words. Through her life, she is trying to find a perfect balance between science and art that rule this world equally in a bid to make an equanimous attempt to find a balance between the exterior and the interior.

You can find more of her writings on topics that interest her in her blog – The Scientific Triangle. She is also actively found on her Instagram handle @Sne8798 which is where you can connect with her and you could also visit her website.

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