Haus & Kinder Launches Festive Campaign “THE NEWS IS PINK”

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Haus & Kinder, India’s leading online home furnishing brand, launched its first-ever design-focused campaign titled ‘The News is Pink’ centered around the enchanting color PINK. Pink has long been associated with joy, warmth, and celebration, making it the perfect choice for a festive color palette. With its rich history in Indian culture, pink resonates deeply with traditions and auspicious occasions, making it a natural fit for Haus & Kinder’s festive offerings.

The campaign aims to inspire customers to choose from Haus & Kinder’s collection for their festive celebrations. “Pink is a timeless color that evokes feelings of happiness, love, and warmth and holds a special place in Indian hearts,” said Kanupriya Anand, Co-Founder, Haus & Kinder. “We believe that our customers will love incorporating this hue into their homes during the festive season. We aim to blend the heritage of this hue with modern design sensibilities. Our curated pink collection features a wide range of products opening a world of possibilities, from curtains and bedding to décor and accessories, so there is something for everyone.”

This innovative campaign, driven by a passion for design, features a series of activities on digital platforms. “At Haus & Kinder, we have always believed in the transformative power of design and we are excited to launch our first-ever design-focused campaign,” said Kanupriya Anand.  “We believe that this campaign will help us to connect with our customers on a deeper level and inspire them to create their own truly unique and magical festive spaces.”

The campaign film can be watched here:

Haus & Kinder is a category leader in the home furnishings category on Indian marketplaces. Entrepreneur duo, Kanupriya Anand & Saket Dhankar introduced the brand in 2018 with a vision to disrupt the home and baby category with a design-led lifestyle brand. Today, Haus & Kinder promises to deliver trendy home and baby essentials at a fair price, at a click of a button. The brand is also present on Indian marketplaces like Amazon, Firstcry, and Flipkart apart from its website.

Haus & Kinder is a leading Indian home furnishing brand dedicated to transforming living spaces through inspired design. With a wide range of high-quality products, Haus & Kinder has become a trusted name in the industry. Founded on the principles of innovation and style, the brand is committed to making homes more beautiful, one room at a time.

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