Abdullah Rafaah- the Whizz Entrepreneur who has made it big in the entertainment industry through some amazing skills


Abdullah Rafaah

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Abdullah Rafaah is an entrepreneur, an artist, actor, voiceover artist and what not. This multi talented personality entrepreneur Abdullah Rafaah has also worked as a Voice Director and Song Lyricist. He is blessed with multiple talents, so much that one might believe he was born with it! The reality is that his hard work made him like this. Even though he was born with a creative brain, Abdullah Rafaah is a believer of hard work. Unlike most he actually knew how to make money with his god-gifted talents, and he did. Abdullah says “Maybe I was born with skills and multiple talents, but actually it is an amazing truth that we all are born with different skills and talents. That is what makes us different from each other. Your job is to find your calling, and to identify your best skill and this is an exercise that everyone must work hard for.”

Ace Entrepreneur Abdullah Rafaah was filmed as the character named Rashid on the Arabic version of Sesame street “Iftah Ya Simsim” and was acclaimed as a Maverick actor for it. He has also done the Voice and Puppeteering of the famous Red Monster “Elmo” in Arabic Language. He is also the official Arabic voice approved from Sesame street in which he entertains the audience with his amazing singing and acting. A natural actor and a charming personality on stage, Entrepreneur Abdullah Rafaah has also worked as an actor on a YouTube short form series called موتى يمشون بيننا i.e. “The Dead among us” and a short film titled “مشوار” i.e. “A Walk”.

Entrepreneur Abdullah Rafaah was the main voice in both the Arabic & English version of the telecast of EXPO2020 Dubai. In the short informative videos released, he was the voice behind a character called “Alif” which is a Blue Robot who flies, shape-shifts and lectures about Mobility. “Alif” is a famous character and also has an Independent building dedicated and named after him at the EXPO2020 grounds. His voiceover skills are at an elite level and he is one amongst the most sought after artists in that field. He has worked as a voiceover artist on Children TV show about the Alphabets titled “Siraj show” where he was behind the voice of the character “Siraj”. He has also given voice for one another character named “Thamir”.

Presently Entrepreneur Abdullah Rafaah Co-Hosts a podcast called “Kartoon – Karton”. He along with his co-host are acclaimed to be the no.1 podcast for Animation lovers in the MENA region and have held the “No. 1 title” for an unbelievably many times on iTunes, Saudi Arabia.

Entrepreneur Abdullah Rafaah is thankful for the people who abundantly love his art and work. He is a Believer of giving back to the society and this is why he also runs a news page on social media (twitter & insta) called “Daerat Animation” dedicated for Animation news with more than 95K followers. To get connected to this inspirational Entrepreneur you can visit his Instagram, he has more than 23k followers and often shares quality content along with glimpses from his personal and professional life on his Instagram.

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