A story of a housewife starting from 0 to now making Rs.1,00,000 per month as an Abacus Mind Trainer 

A story of a housewife starting from 0 to now making Rs.1,00,000 per month as an Abacus Mind Trainer

Vidya Bhosale

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Today, we are delighted to share a story of a housewife who went from zero to making rs.1,00,000 per month as an abacus mind trainer.

This is the story of Vidya Bhosle now; let’s jump back to her early life. She was a housewife stuck in her daily routine and managing kids. It was tough to manage expenses. She is the only single earner in the family.

Early in her life, she was doing a job that she felt was not her passion, and the most important thing was after investing up to 9 hours daily. She has to wait for salary day; when it comes in her hand the next day, it all goes for all monthly expenses.

It is heartbreaking, and then the next day, she again goes back to work, and the endless loop keeps on continuing to wait again till the next month’s salary comes in, and due to her job, she could not spend the beautiful days of her daughter’s childhood with her

So somewhere deep in her mind, she kept thinking about what if she got paid daily with time freedom, and that day Vidya realized it would happen only when she would be her boss.

So, she needs to explore something without or with less investment business. And that time, she also realized that when you wish for something from your heart, the universe will help you achieve that. 

And finally, she started learning new skills, “abacus,” and she found her path to freedom there.

But when she decided to learn abacus, she didn’t have enough money to pay her training fees. But again, with her willingness for money and time freedom, she got the solution, and I started the course. 

Also, at that time, she won’t have any teaching experience, so she thought, suppose in the worst case she doesn’t make any money with this course, but she can teach the same skills to her child because at that time she can’t even afford classes for her child.

And then, she started learning abacus and teaching her daughter. After gaining some confidence; she started taking abacus classes with his trainer.

Then she arranged franchise fees and started her setup with five kids. She never looks back. And till now, she has trained more than 1000+ students, including its officers and MBA student. 

Now fast forward to today, she started her franchise; they have four centers and trainers in Mumbai and Karnataka.

But again, due to the covid situation, offline classes will shut down. So Vidya comes up with online courses, and they are again ready to rock the world.

Soon she realized that in online courses, learners have the flexibility of learning at their own pace and have the ability to review lessons with the recorded sessions multiple times.

So Vidya came up with a new idea, and they launched their new designed power pack course brain vidya. 

You can become a certified abacus trainer within 12 weeks of a short-term online course without leaving your running work and still monetize your skill and have time freedom.

It is specially designed for teachers, coaches, parents, homemakers, and those who want to achieve their dreams.

Ultimately, the goal of this course is to help reduce the pain she has experienced when arranging money and time for learning and buying franchises. Now Vidya Bhosale is on a mission to help everyone accomplish their unfulfilled dreams and live life truly & purposefully.

This is the story of Vidya Bhosale Starting from Scratch to now having Time & Money Freedom, case you want to connect with Vidya Bhosale then you can connect to her Facebook page or Linkedin or Telegram.

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